APA Photo Assistant Workshop/ Photo Assisting in the Major Markets Webinar

In July of 2022, I taught a photo assisting workshop for the APA-DC. It was a really important workshop to me because photo assisting has opened SO many doors throughout my life. It's brought me all around the country for work, provided me with some pretty crazy and hilarious stories, and helped me up my game when it came to shooting my own projects. 

But enough of all that, back to the workshop. We opened it up to anyone who wanted to know more about photo assisting and any photographers who needed a refresher on gear.


It's important to note that every photographer works differently and, more importantly, communicates differently. So when you arrive on set to work with a photographer you've never worked with before, how exactly are you supposed to anticipate what they need?

You get familiar with the gear. And this does take time. There are A LOT of obscure pieces of equipment out there. But the purpose of the workshop was to introduce people to some of the most key things you should know how to use.

We broke it down into 2 categories: Grip and Lighting. For grip, we had frames, c stands, all types of clamps, how to rig things on the fly, how to build trees, quick tips to when you're in a pinch. For lighting, we had various lights, packs and ac power, etc. I'll provide the full gear list below. Big thank you to DC Camera for working with me and becoming a key sponsor to the event. They provided all the gear and I highly recommend them to anybody shooting in this area. 

We followed up the workshop with a zoom panel about Photo Assisting in the Major Markets. We had New York, Atlanta, LA, and of course DC represented. I wanted to have a conversation about what its like to photo assist realistically in all these markets. 

The panel consisted Ken Schneiderman (ATL), Hunter Zieske (LA),  Chelsea Marrin (NY). and myself (DC).  We've all been in the industry for a number of years and between us, we've been Digi Techs, Assistants, Lighting Techs, Gaffers, etc. A lot of experience sitting in one panel.

If you want to listen to the panel, you can view it on the APA DC youtube here: 

Big thank you to our sponsors:

DC Camera for all the gear!

At Yolk for providing us with an incredible space!

And of course thank you to APA DC for all the support! 

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